Butler Tool & Design, Inc.

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Plant Superintendent George who is spray drying Soy Isolate says: "The replacement orifices and swirls that I get from Butler Tool & Design consistently last 3 times as long as the OEM parts."

John, yeast plant manager, said "I don't know about other folks, but Butler Tool & Design's orifices and Swirl chambers are lasting 6 times longer than the ones I used to get from the OEM."

Henry, Manufacturing Eng., said "I really like working with the guys at Butler Tool & Design. You can always count on them to give you straight answers and to deliver what they say when they say they will! They won't just tell you what they think you want to hear."

Speaking of the glue pot we made for him, Ron, Maint. Mgr, said "It looks great! Butler's workmanship is top quality. Based on what I have received from other shops this works much better than I expected!"

"Having Butler make this ring for us instead of going back to the OEM probably saved us at least a week of down time!"

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