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Special Machines

The last week of January we received a request from a customer for a custom sizing fixture for a hot automotive project. After a quick trip to their plant to gather information about exactly what it was they were looking for and to get a handle on the time frame allowed, our engineers sat down and came up with a concept and then laid out a detailed quote that we delivered on Feb 1st. The order was placed on Feb 2nd.

Then, utilizing the latest in 3D modeling software, the design was begun. When the design came together a design review was scheduled with the customer. With a few minor changes the design was approved. Then we began the process of tracking down and obtaining the needed materials and components. After the materials began to arrive fabrication and construction was started. As the fixture began to take shape, the programming of the controller was started. When the machine was finally assembled and wired the debugging was completed and the first of the 2 machines was delivered on Feb 21st.

3 weeks total from quote to delivery!

The second Fixture was delivered 2 days later with a final updated program that was downloaded into the first machine.

If you have time sensitive projects and need expert design help and precision fabrication, Butler Tool & Design is your answer!

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