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We know how tough it is to find, hire and train new employees when production quantities must increase. We can help your existing employees become more productive and eliminate the problems associated with hiring and training new employees.

Our engineers will analyze your needs and will provide you with an in-depth, detailed proposal with no up front charges.

For example, we were called to assist a metal stamping company who was producing more than 93 similar parts with long setup times between operations and running the parts through multiple machines with an effective rate of 32.2 Pieces per hour.

We provided a solution for them that included changing from expensive sheet stock to more cost effective roll stock and reduced the number of steps required to produce a part from twelve to only one! This increased their production rate to 1,200 pieces per hour.

An increase of more than 3700%! Included in this solution was modifying their dies to be "quick-change" and this significantly reduced setup time when changing from one part to another.

After the project was authorized, we then used our in-house design and build teams to implement the proposal. Not only was their efficiency improved dramatically, but work-in-process was also cut by a similar percentage!

They never gave us the final figures but you can rest assured there was a corresponding increase in profits on these parts.

Not everyone will realize such a dramatic increase in productivity, efficiency and capacity, but almost everyone will realize a significant improvement. And in today's wild economy who isn't looking for improvements in these areas?

Together we can help your company produce more items with less labor at a consistently higher level of quality and increase your production capabilities.

For more than twenty years Butler Tool & Design has been providing manufacturing solutions for industry. We are a results-oriented, time-sensitive and dependable manufacturing engineering-based company.

Send your problems to us and we will help you to increase your profits by solving some of the issues that are causing you to lose both profits and opportunities.

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